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The Palestine Question! West and Arabia

(PNIC) Whenever it comes to Palestine, the scale of truth and falsehood comes to mind. In the same way, when Karbala is mentioned, the Husseini character seems to be defeating the Yazidi character. At the same time, the minds are drawn to the battle of truth and falsehood. This formula will last forever. The forces of truth will continue to fight the forces of falsehood and it is possible that the forces of truth may have to step back two steps but in the end it is the truth that prevails and will prevail.

Ultimately, falsehood is doomed.

When it comes to Palestine, we are drawn to a sketch of a long history of Zionist crimes.

The history of Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people spans one hundred years. As stated in the title of the article, the West’s blessing or complicity in Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people.

Yes, this is not a secret.

A study of history reveals that British Arthur Balfour, American Trevor, as well as various other political parties in the West, sided with the Zionists in creating an illegitimate Zionist state on the land of Palestine. These Western masters of the Zionists not only supported them in establishing an illegitimate Zionist state over Palestine, but also gave the Zionists all kinds of freedom for the Zionist unjust domination of Palestine so that they could kill the Palestinian people Evict them from their lands and homes.

If only the history of Palestine is studied between the First World War and the Second World War, it is clear that the West supported and aided the Zionists in their crimes against the Palestinian people. Is. Therefore, it would not be out of place to say today in the modern world that the United States, Britain and other Western countries are equally complicit in the 100-year-old crimes and atrocities of the Zionists against the Palestinian people.

Today, in the international forum, American and Western imperialism is seen as a supporter of the fake Zionist state based on Palestine. The state of the Western media is like being enslaved by the Zionists. American and European imperialism are equally complicit in the ongoing massacres and injustices in Palestine, including all forms of human rights abuses.

What is being done with Palestine in the modern world today is itself an ugly stain on the face of the modern world.

The open indifference of international organizations is highlighting their weakness and status. Today, the Palestinian people are the most oppressed people in the world. While the West is an equal partner in this matter, today the Arabs are also an equal partner in the crimes of the Zionists in this matter. Today, at the behest of the Western world, some countries in the Arab world have risen up against the Palestinian people. They have no interest in the religious and cultural support of Palestine.


For them, the blood of the Palestinian people is probably worth less than the dirty water flowing down the drains. It is with great sadness that we have to say that the government of Al Saud, based in Hijaz and Yathrib, the holiest land in the Muslim world, has made an alliance with Israel. In Yemen, directly with the United States and Israel, it is massacring its own Kalma-speaking brothers.

Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and some of their African countries have followed the same path. He has decided to make a deal with Quds Sharif. They have no attachment to the land of the Prophets. Now, in such circumstances, there is no difference between the Arab rulers and the Western rulers. This is perhaps the worst time in the history of the Palestinian people.

This heinous act of these Arab rulers here is not only a dark chapter in the history of Palestine but also hurts and deeply hurts other oppressed nations of the world, the most prominent of which are Kashmiris after Palestine. The question has arisen in the Valley of Occupied Kashmir that what can be expected from the Muslim and Arab countries who have started imitating the Western countries and covering up Israel.

Of course, this concern of the freedom fighters of Occupied Kashmir is justified.

Surprisingly and sadly, the rulers of the Arab world have begun friendly relations with Israel at a time when the Zionist fictitious state of Israel itself appears to be politically unstable, as well as a military title. Even now, the position of the fake state of Israel of the Zionists is that they could not stay on the field for more than forty-eight hours in the last battle.

Similarly, Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups have made double and quadruple progress in the political and military arenas. Where Israel has held elections three times a year, the success of Hamas and the resistance groups in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections has raised many questions.

On the one hand, the fake state of Israel of the Zionists, which has declared that it will not stop its cruel actions in any way.

The main reason for this may be that the rulers of the Arab world, including the United States and European countries, are now backing Israel. In any case, the Arab countries of the Muslim world must take into account the aspirations of the Palestinian people. If you can’t and don’t want to help the Palestinians, it doesn’t matter, but don’t stab them in the back.

The rulers of the Arab world must reverse their decision to recognize Israel and its diplomatic decisions.

In this regard, Latin American countries, although relatively smaller than many countries, have taken commendable steps to sever ties with Israel.

In short, the establishment of the illegitimate Zionist state of Israel over Palestine was carried out in order to weaken Muslim governments in West Asian countries and seize the resources of the region and bring into play the nefarious plan of Greater Israel

The West continued to support Israel in every possible way to ensure that Israel remain safe. However, for the past 70 years, Israel’s situation has been such that it is finally building walls around itself after a series of occupations, including constant conspiracies and assassinations. That is, Israel is shrinking instead of expanding. Above all, there are a large number of Jews in the United States today who consider the existence of Israel to be a sham and consider Palestine to be Palestinian.

The issue of Palestine and its support is a means by which the Muslim Ummah can unite but also respond to all the conspiracies and crimes of the Western world. Today the sentiments of the people all over the world are against Israel, the people of the world are with the oppressed nations. Fortunately, our young generation in Pakistan is fully expressing solidarity with the Palestinians.
Pakistan is a country that has continued to support the Palestinian cause from day one and this support has come to Pakistan from the components of the principled and ideological politics of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.


By: Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam

Secretary General, Palestine Foundation Pakistan

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