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The role of the Pakistani nation in supporting the cause of Palestine is exemplary,Ihsan Ataya, leader of Islamic Jihad in Palestine

KARACHI ,(Palestine Foundation Information Center) At the closing ceremony of the five-day Center Palestine Camp established by the Palestine Foundation Pakistan at the Exhibition Bus Stop in Karachi, Ehsan Attaya, the leader of Islamic Palestine Jihad from Palestine, gave a special address which was translated by the well-known religious scholar Maulana Sadiq Raza. What did Addressing the Pakistani people directly, the leader of Islamic Jihad, Ehsan Ataya, said that I am addressing my Pakistani brothers from Gaza, the land of blood and martyrdom. The role of the Pakistani people in supporting the cause of Palestine is exemplary. They said that the recent war of Palestine is a war of the oppressed against the oppressors. They are fighting with heavy weapons.

The leader of Jihad Islamic Palestine said that today the United States, Britain and all Western governments have united against Gaza. All the usurpers are helping Zionist Israel. The buildings of Gaza are piles of rubble. Hospitals, markets and Refugee camps, including schools, are also being targeted by Zionist aggression.
The leader of Islamic Jihad said that Muslim nations as well as Christian nations in the Western world are also raising their voice in favor of Palestine. He highlighted the role of Islamic resistance in the region in the Gaza war and said that Lebanon supports Gaza. Hezbollah from Yemen, Ansar Allah from Yemen and Hashd al-Shaabi in Syria and Iraq are cooperating with us. In this war in Gaza, our Hezbollah brothers from South Lebanon have sacrificed more than seventy lives and are giving martyrdoms. .
Ehsan Ataya, the leader of Jihad Islamic Palestine, said that we have no hope from the Muslim and Arab governments. We are the voice of the oppressed of Gaza.
Ehsan Ataya said that the first Qibla in Palestine was and will always be of Muslims. Israel has suffered the worst defeat in Palestine. Today, the usurping Zionist settlers are forced to live in camps in occupied Palestine. On Nakba Day, our Palestinians are expelled from our land. Today we see these Zionists going back to their homes.
He further said that the United Nations is unable and helpless to stop the aggression in Gaza. Western governments including the United States and Great Britain are occupying the United Nations. We have hopes from the Muslim Ummah and no hope from monarchies.
The leader of Islamic Jihad Palestine, Ehsan Ataya praised the activities of Palestine Foundation Pakistan in Pakistan and said that Palestine Foundation is our strong voice in Pakistan

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