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Truce in Gaza extended amid continuation of search efforts for the missing

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip has entered day 53 with a freeze in fighting after the renewable four-day temporary humanitarian truce was extended by two further days expiring on Thursday morning.

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) however have been violating the truce by carrying out shooting operations and flying reconnaissance aircraft in northern Gaza, with the anticipated release of a new batch of prisoners within a partial exchange deal.

The PIC correspondent in Gaza reported that Israeli army tanks fired smoke stun shells and gunshots toward empty buildings in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood and the outskirts of the Al-Shati camp while retreating westward early morning on Tuesday.

He added that shootings were heard within the area, but it was not obvious whether they resulted from an exchange of gunfire or were just fired by the IOF.

A media source revealed that Israeli violations that took place in northwestern Gaza were concentrated in the vicinity of Al-Atatra district. The resistance fighters replied by opening fire on the IOF’s tanks as they attempted to advance from their previous concentration points, he added.

Meanwhile, Palestinians have continued their search operations for the missing under the rubble of bombarded buildings. People have been calling for allowing the entry of rescue experts and equipment needed for recovering martyrs’ bodies and lifting the debris of the bombarded buildings.

Israeli army radio said Israeli government has received names of 10 more captives in Gaza to be released on Tuesday as part of the extended truce.

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