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Two Gaza hospitals plead for fuel to save lives

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The health ministry in Gaza has issued a final warning about two major hospitals in Gaza, saying they will stop providing medical services soon when their generators run out of fuel.

In a news conference on Tuesday, spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf Qudra said that the power generators of Al-Shifa Hospital and the Indonesia Hospital would stop working within the coming hours if they were not provided with their fuel needs.

“We send an urgent distress call to our brothers from the oil-producing countries to intervene urgently to supply Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Indonesian Hospital with fuel to save the lives of wounded and sick citizens,” Qudra added.

He also called for urgently providing these hospitals with their fuel needs to “save the lives of 42 children under life support in incubators, 62 wounded person and patients connected to ventilators, and 650 patients with kidney failure, and hundreds of people in operating rooms, in addition to other patients and injured people.”

The spokesman also appealed to gas station owners and those who have any quantities of fuel provide Al-Shifa Hospital and the Indonesian Hospital with their fuel needs to save the lives of patients and wounded

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