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UAE and Bahrain behind the chaos in region

Quetta (PNIC) The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are spreading unrest in the region in the interests of Israel. Palestine Foundation Pakistan Balochistan patron committee’s leaders made this announcement in a press conference in Karachi on Tuesday.

They included: Majlis Wehdat Muslameen Pakistan leader Maulana Maqsood Ali Domki, , Balochistan National Party leader Ghulam Nabi Murree, Islamic Organization leader Maulana Iqtdar Ahmad Khan, Secretary Human Rights Musa Baloch, Sheikh Wilayat. , Sohail Akbar and Qari Sajjad .

They condemned recognizing of and normalization of relations with Israel by United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

They said Israel has illegally occupied Palestine and particularly al-Quds (Jerusalem).They said Israel has usurped inalienable rights of Palestine and Palestinians.

Furthermore, they said that the U.S.-led pro-Israel bloc has hatched conspiracy against Pakistan to sabotage the issues of Palestine and Kashmir issues.They vowed to foil nefarious designs of these enemies.

Palestine Foundation leaders further said that U.S., Israel and India were seeking to create anarchic situation in Pakistan for the sake of Israeli interests. They said enemies also launched a propaganda campaign against armed forces of Pakistan for same reasons.

They said that UAE and Bahrain have betrayed Palestine. They said Israel poses existential threat to the global peace, let alone Palestine or region.

They said recognizing Israel is tantamount to treason with the legitimate cause of Palestine and Kashmir.

However, they pledged to counter these plots and create awareness among the masses. For that purpose, they announce launching Israel Na Manzoor campaign.

Under that, Palestine Foundation would hold rallies, demonstrations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions.

There, they will highlight the legitimate issues of Palestine and Kashmir and conspiracy of U.S., Israel and India.

They said that UAE and Bahrain have endangered the entire OIC, Arab League and GCC though normalization of ties with Israel.

They said UAE and Bahrain have put security of the region at stake by allowing Israel to increase its nefarious clout.They said now Israel and its allies would mount pressure on Palestine and Kashmir.

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