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US army: Norwegian ship hit in missile attack from Yemen

SANA’A(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Yemeni armed forces have already threatened to attack “all ships” with a connection to Israel. Now the US army has reported an attack on a tanker ship near Yemen. The ship is flying the Norwegian flag, but it is not yet clear whether it has Israeli connections.

According to US news reports, a Norwegian tanker off the coast of Yemen has been hit by a missile presumably fired by Yemen’s Houthi group.

The cruise missile hit the tanker “Strinda” as it was passing through the strait between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, causing damage and a fire, according to the US central command.

Two US defense officials told Reuters that there were no casualties in the attack, which occurred about 60 nautical miles north of the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The anti-ship cruise missile was fired from an area in Yemen controlled by the Houthi group, the US central command explained on X. it said that the Norwegian-flagged “Strinda” sent out a distress call and a US warship rushed to the tanker to provide assistance.

Later, the damaged ship was able to proceed to a safe port after its crew managed to control the fire, Reuters reported.

Yemen’s armed forces in Sana’a had previously threatened to attack all ships with links to Israel in response to its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip. Recently the Pentagon reported that several merchant ships had been attacked with Yemeni drones and missiles.

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