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WHO: Everyone in Gaza is hungry, many are starving

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that infectious diseases are spreading in the Gaza Strip.

Hunger is weakening people’s ability to fight off disease, it said in an X post.

“Without enough food, more people will become sick and die. The suffering needs to end.”

Along the same line, United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordinator Martin Griffiths said that displaced families in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, lack the basic necessities to survive and are stalked by hunger, disease, and death.

With the Gaza hostilities entering their fifth month, hope is dwindling for the millions of people affected and the humanitarians striving to assist them, Griffiths added.

He said, “More than half of Gaza’s population is now crammed in Rafah, a town of originally 250,000 people right on Egypt’s doorstep. Their living conditions are abysmal—they lack the basic necessities to survive, stalked by hunger, disease, and death.”

Since October 7, the Israeli occupation army has waged a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which has left an enormous humanitarian catastrophe and a major health and environmental disaster.

The Israeli occupation destroyed the only supplies of fuel, electricity, water, and food for the people of the Gaza Strip at the start of the conflict by bombing bakeries, factories, stores, water stations, tanks, and other infrastructure.

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