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Zionists promoting racial hatred named and shamed

Gaza(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The flagrant weaponization of anti-semitism by Zionist extremists to muzzle opponents of Israel’s savagery in Gaza has resulted in some people losing their jobs for expressing revulsion for Israel’s murderous military tactics.

Even the dirty tricks deployed by the Zionists have failed to quell the outpouring of solidarity with Palestine.

And a new campaign has now emerged in the United States which plays the Israelis at their own game.

  • Stop Zionist Hate
    Stop Zionist Hate

    Stop Zionist Hate

    The flagrant westernization of anti-Semitism by Zionist extremists to muzzle opponents of Israel

The genocide in Gaza has brought it home to millions that what is happening in Palestine is legitimized and directly supported by thousands of Zionist organizations with millions of members, with budgets in the billions.

This resulted in the launch of a new campaign in the US called “Stop Zionist Hate” on November the seventh. “Stop Zionist Hate” has promised to take the fight to the Zionists.

It has already had notable successes in forcing accountability. Within a week they announced: “In just five days we have gotten multiple Zionists fired and many more exposed. Did the Zionists at @StopAntisemites think that we would let them ruin people’s lives without fighting back?”

They name and shame individual Zionists for promoting racist hate and supporting genocide.

By late November, they had the following successes.

  • Zionist plan for Gaza
    Zionist plan for Gaza

    Zionist plan for Gaza

    As Israel

Johns Hopkins suspended Dr. Darren Klugman, a pediatrician, who had publicly called for the large-scale slaughter of Palestinians.

The NYPD arrested Stuart Seldowitz, a former Obama foreign policy adviser, who had harassed a Halal food vendor.

Hadasa Bozakkaravani surrendered to the NYPD after allegedly throwing coffee at a man and his 18-month-old for wearing a keffiyeh.

Instacart fired Brian Kaplan who had publicly called for sexual violence against young Palestinian women.

“We will fight Zionist hate anywhere and everywhere. Thank you to all who join us in this mission.”

Stuart Seldowitz was the most high-profile “genocider” to be held accountable, not long after featuring as “Zionist of the week”, he was seen supporting genocide with a smile.

If we killed 4000 Palestinian kids, you know what, it wasn’t enough.

Stuart Seldowitz, Former Obama Security Advisor

  • ‘Stop Genocide’ – Pro-Palestinian rally near Empire State Building
    'Stop Genocide' - Pro-Palestinian rally near Empire State Building

    ‘Stop Genocide’ – Pro-Palestinian rally near Empire State Building

    Signs with slogans such as “Stop Genocide!” and “Stop US Aid to Israel” floated above protesters heads at a pro-Palestinian rally on Wednesday (October 18).

Mr Seldowitz served in the State Department office of Israel and Palestine affairs; however, he is not the only one.

There are genocidal Zionists throughout the foreign policy establishment in the US who are essential in driving US policy towards Palestine, the Levant, the Gulf, and West Asia in general.

They form an entry to the lands that legitimize and enthusiastically support the genocide because they must be routed out.

Projects like ‘Stop Zionist Hate’ are needed in every country where the Zionist movement has a presence.

As the arrest of Stuart Seldowitz shows, the Zionist campaign to silence, punish, and bully, advocates for Palestine has met its match.

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