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Down with Israel: PLF-P set to Kick-off Week-Long Country-Wide Campaign ‘Nakba Day’


Karachi () Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF-P) is set to kick off its week-long country-wide campaign marking the 69th Nakba (Day of Catastrophe).

69 Years have gone by since the illicit occupation of the land of Palestine by Israel. PLF-P stands as Palestine’s principal voice in Pakistan raising the issue for more than decades.
Officials of the organization including former member of parliament Muzaffar Hashmi of Jamat-e-Islami, Member of provincial Assembly Dr.Mahfooz Yar Khan of MQM-Pak, spokesman for federal minister of religious affairs Azher Ali Shah Hamdani of Pakistan Muslim League (N), Molana Baqir Zaidi of Majlis Wahdat Muslameen (MWM), President of General Union of Palestinian Students in Pakistan Ebrahim Amro,Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP), Matloob Awan Qadri of All Pakistan Sunni Tahreek (APST), Faisal Sheikh of Pakistan people party (PPP), Karamat Ali of PILER, Owais Rabbani of Youth Parliament, Rao Nasir Ali of Interfaith Youth forum, Israr Abbasi of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Younis Boneri of Awami National Party Pakistan (ANP) and Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan Sabir Abo Maryam were speaking in a joint press conference at Karachi Press Club on Saturday May 06.


PLF-P office bearers have revealed that this year marking Nakba Day to highlight the right of return of Palestinians as global campaign to return to Palestine.

They told to media that they are prepared for a week-long campaign to show their solidarity with the oppressed nation of Palestine.

Religious and Political parties across Pakistan have shown their allegiance with PLF-P in commemorating Nakba Day and have agreed to partake in their campaign that encompasses protests, conferences, seminars and a Peace Walk.

On May 10, in cohesion with the subjugated Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails, PLF-P will erect a Hunger-Camp at Press Club Karachi protesting the regimes’ maltreatment.

On May 11, Student Organizations and Youth NGOs across Pakistan will hold a unified conference on the issue.
May 12 will witness a mass protest against Israel outside the famous mausoleum of Daataganj Baksh at Lahore after Jumma Prayers.

“Return to Palestine”- a peace walk is planned for May 13 demanding the return of displaced Palestinians back to their homeland. Since the time Israel usurped their land, millions of Palestinians are forced to live a life of a refugee. The walk, to end at Press Club – Karachi, is said to witness various religio-political parties, NGOs and Civil Societies members joining hands with PLF-P for their cause.

On May 14 Protests against the illicit regime (Israel) will be held across Multan and Hyderabad.

Seminars are to be held in Islamic Universities across Islamabad on May 17.

When contacted PLF-P leaders they affirmed that the reason for all this exercise is not only to show accord with the righteous but as well to disown any and all conspiracies entrenched by the Zionist regime. They said that they stand with Palestine, supporting their cause and demand for an independent homeland with boundaries defined par 1948 with capital Al-Quds. Israel is not only a menace for Palestine but a threat to the muslim ummah world-over. Pakistan has to realize this peril and take heed, while demanding of the government, the leaders’ said that Pakistan has to make Palestine and its nation their core priority and should actively commemorating their days on national level


Plant Palestine Campaign in Pakistan: All Parties of Pakistan announces fully support to Palestinian’s cause

KARACHI (PNIC) 43rd International land day of Palestine marked in various cities of Pakistan during the ongoing campaign of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) ” Plant Palestine”.

An All Parties conference held at Karachi Press Club on 31st march Sunday to paying tribute to the martyrs of Great Return March in connection of 43rd International Land Day of Palestine. All Political and religious parties (Government and Opposition) has participated and announces fully support to the holy cause of Palestine.

They denounces Trump’s decision about Jerusalem and Golan Heights and categorically said that US doesn’t have mandate to allow any of the territory of Palestine ans Syria to Zionist’s fake regime of Israel.

They asked to Arab League and OIC to take strong stand to protect holy land of Palestine and Jerusalem as well as Syria’s Golan Heights.

They have appropriated Malaysian PM’s support to Palestinian cause and statement during the recent visit to Pakistan, Speakers said that Pakistan never go for the normalization with Zionist’s fake regime of Israel. Israel is our number one enemy and we cannot allow anyone to suggest normalization with Israel.

on 43 Land day of Palestine, speakers says that Palestinian land related to all Palestinians and its our prior duty to protect and save holy land of Palestine.

In account of Great Return March, They payed highly tribute to all of martyrs of 1976 and also from 2018 to till now. They said Palestinians have rights to return their homeland and no power in the world can stop them to return to homeland.

Speakers of All Parties Conference has strongly condemn recent attacks on Gaza and demanded to lift the siege from Gaza.

Former advisor of Government of Pakistan Dr.Alia Imam, Asadullah Bhutto, Muslim Parvez of Jamat-e-Islami, ex-Members of provincial assembly from MQM Pakistan Mahfooz Yar Khan, Major (r) Qamar Abbas, Kamran Farooq, Israr Abbasi of PTI, Azher Hamdani, Qazi Zahid Hussain of PMLN, Abdul Jalil Marwat of PMLQ, Allama Qari Usman, Molana Abdul Karim of JUIF, Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani, Abdul Waheed younis of JUP, Allama Mubashir Hassan of MWM, Allama Abdul Khaliq Fareedi of Jamiat Ahley Hadis, Famous Scholar Faisal Azizi, Maaz Nizami, Rehan Abidi of ISO, Hafiz Imran Madni of ATI, Imtiaz Palari of JIY, Sabir Abu Maryam Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) and others were addressed the conference.

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“Plant Palestine” 30th March observed as International Land day of Palestine

LAHORE (PNIC) Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) announces “Plant Palestine” campaign on 43rd anniversary of International Land Day of Palestine on 30th March.

PLF Lahore chapter has organized a program at Akberi gate park Lahore to plant a tree in memory of all martyrs of 30th march 1976 (Land day of Palestine) and Great March of Return which was begun on 30th March 2018.

Many activists and members of civil society gathered at akberi gate park Lahore on 30th march and planted a tree in solidarity with International Land day of Palestine and martyrs.

Among the participats Usman Mohideen of JUP, Sahibzada Ayoub of JUP and many other were present in the program.

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Normalization with Israel great betrayal with ideology of Pakistan: President KBA

KARACHI (PNIC): President of Karachi Bar Association (KBA) Mr.Naeem Qureshi has strongly condemned normalization with Israel and friendly relation with top ranked enemy of Pakistan. During the meeting with delegation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) at Karachi Bar Association office on Thursday; delegation of Palestine Foundation Pakistan led by former member of Sindh Assembly MahfoozUar Khan Advocate along with Majlis Wehdat Muslameen Pakistan’s leader Moulana Baqir Zaidi, Israr Abbasi of PTI and Sabir Abu Maryam Secretary general of Palestine Foundation Pakistan met with newly elected president of KBA and other members.

President Naeem Qureshi expressed his deep grievances and reservations about discussion of normalization with Zionist’s fake regime of Israel.

President of KBA categorically condemn all those elements are involved to start discussion about normalization between Pakistan and Israel. He said these kinds of theories and elements are great betrayal with ideology of Pakistan. Lawyers will never tolerate any kind of relation with Zionist’s fake regime of Israel.

Talking to the delegation of the Palestine Foundation, Karachi Bar Association President Naeem Qureshi and Secretary Amir Saleem said that the lawyer’s community has always supported Palestinian cause and has given right and right. To argue that the lawyers and the Karachi Bar Association are with the Palestine Foundation Pakistan and all types of practical measures will be taken for the settlement of Palestinian cause.

They have strongly condemned India’s aggression against Pakistan in the past few days and said that “On one side, Israeli backed India’s aggression against Pakistan, and then on the other side, the Indian Foreign Minister is invited to the OIC meeting, what are the Muslim rulers Done?

They condemn OIC role top sort out and solving the issue of Palestine and Kashmir.

The leaders of the Palestine Foundation, Pakistan thanked the officials of the Karachi Bar Association, and were also presented to bucket of flowers and Sweets for their success in latest elections of KBA. The large numbers of lawyers on this occasion was present in the Karachi Bar.

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