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“Al-Quds Palestine’s Capital” A two day pictorial exhibition


KARACHI (PNIC):-Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLFP) under “Al-Quds as Palestine’s Capital’ is organizing a two-day pictorial exhibition here at Karachi on June 7.

It is patent of the organization to exploit any up-coming chances of religious gathering where they could pose their solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.

It’s been years that PLFP has followed suit holding this exhibition with vim and vigor, a voice for the oppressed nation of Palestine, world-over.

Large gatherings to include public figures from all walks of life are expected to visit the gallery that will run till Friday. A round-table conference is also in-line right after the gallery where NGOs, Civil Society members and other religio-political organizations are to join PLFP in the cause.

The upcoming Friday has its own significance, being the last of this month of Ramzan, with Quds rallies in protest across the country.

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