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Facial Recognition and the Right to Worship in Qalandiya (PHOTOS)

Thousands of Palestinians, women, men and children, crowded at the Qalandiya checkpoint entrances on the third Friday of Ramadan, many of them hoping to gain access to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Armed with their faith and prayer rugs, they bravely faced the Israeli soldiers who tried to block their way.

The soldiers were carrying guns and their rifle barrels were pointed at Palestinians.

The Israeli soldiers checked every name on their computers. If any Palestinian did not meet the criteria to cross the checkpoint, they were callously sent back.

At some point, I clearly heard one of the Israeli commanders ordering the soldiers to profile Palestinians through facial recognition.

Due to the crowd, thirst – due to the long fast – and lack of air, several Palestinian women collapsed and fainted.

Fortunately, there were Palestinian first-aid volunteers who provided them with stretchers and wheelchairs.


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