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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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Israeli weapons are used for killing of humanity across the globe


By: Sabir Karbalai

Secretary, Palestine Foundation Pakistan

It is clear to all what is the real meaning of “New World Order” that has been introduced by the U.S.? This term is aimed at the U.S. occupation on all over the world.

We bear witness to the conditions in Palestine where Israelis killed Palestinian on daily basis. The world saw Israel attacked on Lebanon and killed hundreds of innocent people in 33 days war in 2006. It is also known what happened to Gazans during 22 days war in 2008 on Gaza imposed by Israel on Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinians were massacred. At least one million Iraqis were killed in the U.S.-led war that was a conspiracy hatched by Zionists. 

Afghanistan is another example of the U.S.-conceived New World Order. In the year 2011, Middle East and North Africa came in focus again. Like Iraq and Afghanistan, resources of Libya have also come under U.S. occupation.   

Sometimes, U.S. raises question of human rights, democracy and weapons of mass destruction, and occupy the land of other nations for vested interests.  In Syria, we are observing that the terrorist wings funded by the U.S and Zionist regime of Israel are out to destabilize Syrian government. Why?   This is an important mind boggling question.

 I want to ask one question, why America want “democracy” in Syria instead of other Arab countries that are ruled by kings and monarchs. Why Syria?Simply it is because Syria is the main ally of Palestinians, and true supporter of Palestinians cause. 

IAThe point that needs attention is the fact that in all said Muslim countries, Israeli weapons, arms and ammunition were used for destabilization of these countries. Even in Afghanistan where CIA-trained jihadis had been waging war, they were equipped with Israeli arms. How it is possible for Israel to supply arms to these countries?  

There are concrete proofs that Israeli weapons were used in terrorism in Iraq and slaughter of Iraqis. 

In Pakistan too, Israeli arms and ammunition are being used by the fighting groups. Federal interior minister Rehman Malik has disclosed this fact through media that Israeli weapons are used by terrorists in Karachi. Pakistan is an Islamic republic that never recognized Zionist regime of Israel. Pakistan always stands with the oppressed Palestinian brethren. Pakistan always condemned Israeli aggression and atrocities. One thing is common among Muslim nation-states that they always supported Palestinians against Israeli occupation and brutalities.

 In Syria, Golan Heights remain under Israeli occupation. Israel wants to destroy pro-Palestine nations through its weapons and through direct attacks and occupation. The U.S. and its allies have focused Syria for only reason that Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s government is a pro-Palestine and anti-Israel government. Otherwise, kingdoms/sheikhdoms need democracy and reforms much more than Syria.

 Reforms in Syria, is an internal issue of Syrian people. The opposition groups living in Syria have always focused on peaceful means and dialogue for reforms. These are foreign-based groups and foreigners funded by some neighbouring countries allied with the U.S. who are bent upon causing a civil war in Syria. They also conspired to engender civil war in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, in case of Syria, a vast majority of people stand shoulder to shoulder with President Bashar al Assad’s government. They stage rallies in Damascus and in all over country to express their solidarity and support for the government. 

For a change in the system of the government, people of Middle East have a model in Islamic revolution of Iran. Iranian people peacefully ousted Shah of Iran. Egyptian people too brought out a peaceful revolution and toppled Hosni Mubarak-led regime. It is public struggle that pave way for change. The agents of Israel and the U.S. who are destabilizing Syria are not pro-democracy activists in any way.      

    Mikhail Ben-Ari, a member of Israeli Knesset who belongs to treasury benches has demanded of the government to close down army industry. According to Israeli media, he said that Israeli has caused slaughter for money. Daily Maariv cited his video statement that is available on youtube on internet. Ben-Ari said in that video that Israel had become a source of supplying weapons to world. He said had he been Prime Minister of Israel, he would have banned arms export and would not have allowed even a single bullet’s export. Mikhail Ben-Ari admitted that manufacturing of arms and ammunition in Israel and its export to other countries was causing war and slaughter. He admitted that the weapons were supplied during Iraq-Iran war, to Asia and Africa. He criticized Israeli leaders saying on one hand, they were preaching peace and on the other they remain engaged in promoting the military industry. He said that export and supply of Israeli weapons must be stopped to end terrorism across the world. 

At the outset, we talk of New World Order of the United States. It should also be made known to all that Zionist Israeli lobby rules the United States through its numerous groups. In many cases, the terms and phrases to enslave the world through U.S. “order” has been coined by these Zionists. President Bush Senior too was a Zionist Christian and a staunch ally of Israel. During his tenure as President, the world heard New World Order. His son Bush Jr. furthered his father’s agenda. For them, Israel remains indispensable.

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