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Pakistani speakers stress on continued support for Palestine cause at Quds conference

Condemning the recent crimes of the Zionist regime in Al-Quds, a number of Pakistani politicians and thinkers said helping Palestinian people against Zionist aggression and liberation of َAl-Quds depends only on the unity and solidarity of Muslims.

The conference titled “Quds, Axis and Center of Unity” organized by the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan was held in Islamabad on Friday attended by important political, religious and social figures.

Speakers strongly condemned the Zionist occupation forces’ attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque in recent days, and called on the international organizations, especially the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, to take practical steps beyond issuing statements and rhetoric to stop this aggression.

“In today’s world, Palestine and the Middle East are two critical points for war,” said Senator Talha Mahmood, Pakistan’s Minister for States and Frontier Regions.


Pakistani speakers stress on continued support for Palestine cause at Quds conference


He noted the Islamic world, especially the Arab countries, have a fundamental responsibility to defend the Palestinian people.

He added that Al-Quds belongs to the Palestinians and Israel has occupied the Palestinian territory illegally through invasion.

Allama Raja Nasser Abbas Jafari, Secretary General of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan (MWM) said the US and compromising rulers in the region in collusion with Israel were in clear violation of international law, including Security Council resolutions.


Pakistani speakers stress on continued support for Palestine cause at Quds conference


He stressed that the Islamic world must play a serious role in resolving the issues facing it, especially in reducing tensions in the Middle East, resolving the crisis in Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

The religious leader of Pakistan added that Israel is a usurper regime and of course it has failed, so its conspiracy to cooperate with some Arabs to weaken the axis of resistance is doomed to failure.

** Practical action needed to solve the Palestinian problem

Nayyar Hussain Bukhari Secretary General of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and former Chairman Senate said not only words are enough to resolve the Palestinian conflict, but we must take practical measures. The United Nations, especially the Arab League, must fulfill its responsibilities to Palestine and to prevent human rights abuses by Israel.

He described the Zionist regime’s suppression of the Palestinians and its invasion of Al-Quds as cruel and added it is time for us to end “our differences and help resolve the Palestinian question”.


Pakistani speakers stress on continued support for Palestine cause at Quds conference


Saber Abu Maryam, Secretary General of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan praised Imam Khomeini’s historic move to declare the last Friday of Ramadan as International Quds Day, saying Imam gave a new spirit to the liberation movements of the oppressed nations of the world, including the liberation of Palestine and the struggle against the Zionist enemy were blown.

Criticizing the actions of some countries in the region and the Arab world to establish relations with the illegitimate Zionist regime, he added “Conspiracies to create a Greater Israel and a Greater Middle East have failed miserably.

At the end of the seminar, the participants passed a resolution calling on the Pakistani government to officially observe the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as International Quds Day.

Supporters of a large Palestinian march strongly condemned the recent Zionist offensive in Gaza.

They also condemned the invasion of foreign powers in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.

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