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UN decides to put Israel on blacklist for harming children in conflict zones

NEW YORK  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  The UN has decided on Friday to include Israel in the blacklist of countries and organizations that harm children in conflict zones.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres informed the Israeli army’s attaché in Washington Maj. General Hedi Silberman of the decision.

Despite Israel’s efforts to persuade Guterres to reconsider, the decision stands, with Israel slated to appear on the blacklist set to be published next week.

“Israel’s inclusion in the blacklist is very problematic and may cause countries in the world to impose an arms embargo on Israel,” media outlets said.

A recent report by the Government Media Office in Gaza has shown that Israel killed 15,517 children in Gaza since the start of the war on Gaza on 7 October last year while tens of thousands of children were wounded in the same period.

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